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Cozy Winter Weekend Getaway for a Relaxing Escape"

Here we are almost half way through the year. I can honestly say where has it gone? It was a beautiful Autumn with cascading multi coloured leaves and warm weather.

RedBluff Country Lodge has been fully booked over the summer and Autumn hosting guests from all over New Zealand which is always a treat and hosting employees working with Kiwi Rail and Gibbons Rail. Such an awesome experience both educational and multi-cultured from all parts of the world. Their cuisine and traditions are a culinary delight.  

Our website has been beautifully updated with the help of Kim Batley from Warkworth Digital Design and Print. You can now simply email your booking enquiries or alternatively give me a call so we can discuss all your getaway or long stay needs. You can also find RedBluff Country Lodge on the Matakana App. An easy way to make a direct booking or to simply answer your enquiries. 

RedBluff Country Lodge has an excellent special for the Winter season where you can book for one night @$150.00 (inc GST) or stay two nights for $250.00 (inc GST). Great time to get away from the city elements, curl up by the fire in the country kitchen, or visit our local restaurants in Warkworth.

RedBluff Country Lodge look's forward to hosting you and can adapt to all your travel and accommodation needs.

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